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I'm glad that you have stopped by. This website is a dedication to my life's accomplishments and my visions of my career. I have now completed my long college career. This career began at Hartwick College in Computer Science and ended in May 2007 at Plattsburgh State University in Television Production, minoring in English. I've been through many changes over these last several years which have shaped and molded me into a very robust man.

What Will You Find Here?

You'll find here at Travis Napolean Smith.com is an in-depth into what I have accomplished over my lifetime. You will find my résumé, references, audio and video demos; projects I've worked on and projects that I'm currently working on. Clubs and organizations I have been in or currently in and many more. In fact you will probably find more information here than you can possibly want.

Your're probably wondering why would I put all of this information on the internet. Well, I believe that as a person interested in what I can do for you, you will want to know what I have done and more importantly what I can do for you. That is a key in the way I work. What can I do for you?

Classic Microphone

NEWS - 10/18/2009 - Returned From Alumni Weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009 - I have returned from Alumni Weekend! Over the course of the weekend I attended many sporting events and meet old friends. I really didn't meet many new ones this year but one cannot have everything.

What I learned over this weekend is that many of my fellow Class of 2007 Alumni have been having trouble finding work. Some have been layed off, some went back to school to get into another field. I didn't expect to see some of them having a hard time trying to enter the work force. I thought it would have been a few but I was wrong. Now I know why I have been having a hard time getting into Television Production. I had a great weekend and it was great to see old friends one more time. More->

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