Hartwick College

Beginning in 1998 up until 2001 Hartwick College was my first college and first experience outside of knowing who everyone was. This is where I started to learn more about who I am and who I can become. I learned about what I can do for people and what other people can do for me. This was invaluable and will not be forgotten. Below is a listing of the different organizations I was apart of when I went to Hartwick College.

Oyaron Yearbook

Oyaron Yearbook was next after joining WRHO. I joined Oyaron in February 1999; I would remain their until May 2001. At Oyaron Yearbook I started out as a photographer for many on-campus events and would progress my way up until I reached the lead layout position.

At Oyaron Yearbook I learned how to photograph people, places and events. I learned about designing graphics for print and how publishing works. Even thought the yearbook was in black and white (monochrome) I still learned quite a bit about photography and publishing in general. By the time I was done I had continued to sow the seeds for a transition from Computer Science to Broadcast.

Classic Microphone
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