Hartwick College

Beginning in 1998 up until 2001 Hartwick College was my first college and first experience outside of knowing who everyone was. This is where I started to learn more about who I am and who I can become. I learned about what I can do for people and what other people can do for me. This was invaluable and will not be forgotten. Below is a listing of the different organizations I was apart of when I went to Hartwick College.

Student Senate

The Student Senate was the next and last club to join after Oyaron. This club was reserved for students to be elected to which means that you can't just join it you have to be elected into it. I did a feverish campaign in May 1999 for the 99-00 election. I won the vote and became a Senator.

Winning the election was a huge accomplishment because the last time I was elected to a student senate was in high school. This was only once. I had never been able to do it again until May 1999. Over the course of 99-00 school year I started a new event with Megan Hinman called "Wickstock." Wickstock was a yearly event held in May where regional bands would compete over the course of 2 days to win a battle of the bands. Since it started in May 2000, it has been a success generating revenue for the senate to hold other events. It was so successful that it was done again in May 2001.

Classic Microphone
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