Hartwick College

Beginning in 1998 up until 2001 Hartwick College was my first college and first experience outside of knowing who everyone was. This is where I started to learn more about who I am and who I can become. I learned about what I can do for people and what other people can do for me. This was invaluable and will not be forgotten. Below is a listing of the different organizations I was apart of when I went to Hartwick College.

Student Senate

During the 99-00 school year I started a technology initiative to get student organizations to become more available to students on the Internet. The first step in doing this was for the Senate to put all of its meeting minutes online as well as forms and other documents that students would need. Other clubs did follow but it became some what of a success as some clubs did take the initiative but other did not.

Over the course of my two full terms as a student senator I did make some changes to Hartwick College. I did bring a new yearly event to the campus and initiated student organizations to become more available to students on the internet. I did learn over this time how to govern people and to listen to what people have to tell you because if you don't listen them, it can come back and haunt you: this is especially true in Broadcast. By the time I was done I had nearly completed my transition from Computer Science to Broadcast.

Classic Microphone
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