Hartwick College

Beginning in 1998 up until 2001 Hartwick College was my first college and first experience outside of knowing who everyone was. This is where I started to learn more about who I am and who I can become. I learned about what I can do for people and what other people can do for me. This was invaluable and will not be forgotten. Below is a listing of the different organizations I was apart of when I went to Hartwick College.


In May 2001, I decided to not return to Hartwick College because Hartwick didn't have a Communication program of any kind. I decided to go to Plattsburgh State University instead and continue in Mass Communication, later Television Video Production, not Computer Science! With this change, my journey was complete. I had transition from Computer Science to Broadcast. With this change, I brought with me a lifetime of achievements to Plattsburgh State University which had a profound effect on me and everyone that had worked with me at Plattsburgh State.

Classic Microphone
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