High School

Beginning in 1995 until 1997 Keene Central High School was my first high school. I was born in Keene Valley and lived their until 1997. In 1997 I moved to Lewis, NY and went to Elizabethtown- Lewis Central High School. I learned a lot their. I had been apart of a lot of organizations at both schools. I meet a lot of new people and learn many new skills over time. Below is a listing of the different organizations I was apart of when I went to High School.


Varsity Basketball was next after Varsity Baseball. I joined the Varsity Basketball team in 1995 and played until 1998. I was a guard and played 5 - 10 minutes every game. I was known for my 3-point shooting and good free-throw shooting.

While playing Varsity Basketball I learned the same skills that I learned with Varsity Baseball: team work and the keys to success in the real world. But their were skills that I learned in basketball that I didn't learn in baseball: Multitasking! Multitasking is a key to doing any work today. I learned this skill by calling different plays and executing the best option at the time. Something that I use all the time when I am inside of the control room today! By the time I was done playing basketball I had immersed myself into a very robust man that was set to work in the real world. These are skills that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else.

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