This section is a continually evolving part of my site where I currently am working on three different major projects. These projects include Life 2.0 Blog, Computer Projects, and One-Solution Content Management System.

Life 2.0 Blog

The first project is Life 2.0 Blog - The Professional Life of Travis Napolean Smith. This is a WordPress Blog that contains first hand accounts of my professional life. This can include News Articles, Projects that I am currently working on, Projects of the future, and other various related items. More->

Computer Projects

The second is My Computer Projects. These Computer Project are where I will share what changes I have made to all of my computers. Some of these will amaze you, some will not but I will include all major hardware and software changes. This section will also include personal incite into my computer. I plan to include a couple of reviews of current hardware and software I use and some unusual issues I have encountered while assembling these machines. More->

One-Solution Content Management System

The last project is One-Solution Content Management System. One Solution is a new and initiative Content Management System that was created for PHP and MySql. This new CMS is written in Object Oriented PHP 5. This software has not been officially released yet but it is expected to be completed very soon, mid September 2010 to mid October 2010. It will be released under version 2. More->

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