Plattsburgh State University

Beginning in August 2001 till May 2007, Plattsburgh State University was my second College that I went to. At Plattsburgh State I started out by taking two courses a semester to see if I wanted to go into Communications or not. I found out that after two full years I really did want to go into Communications but I choose to be more specific by majoring in Mass Communications. When I change my major to Mass Communication I took what I had learned thru different Extra-Curricular Activities at Hartwick College and applied it to what I was learning at Plattsburgh State. Below is a listing of the different organizations that I was apart of at Plattsburgh State. Some of them are Extra- Curricular (outside of class) and some were Curricular (class).

Plattsburgh State Television

In Spring 2005, I enrolled in Television Station Operations (PSTV). While my first semester was not that involved as I would be, I soon found myself a second home. Even thought I only crewed 2 shows a week (Beat The Streets (Weekly Game Show) and Gizmo (Weekly Technology Show)) I did get involved with Newsbreak (Nightly 2 Minute News Recap). I learned a lot during this first semester and soon took off in other areas of PSTV as a gain an invaluable amount of experience.

Part of my PSTV experience was working in the Studio, Control Room, Master Control and Distribution (VTR Engineer). In the Studio, I had several responsibilities. They include: construct the sets; layout ClearCom. headsets and cables; setup and operate moving / non-moving cameras; and light the talent and set. In the Control Room it was my responsibility to setup and operate the Chyron (CG) / Compix (GFX), setup and operate Teleprompter, and setup and operate GVG 200 2 ME switcher. In Master Control and Distribution at Plattsburgh State was a little bit different than most stations.

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