Plattsburgh State University

Beginning in August 2001 till May 2007, Plattsburgh State University was my second College that I went to. At Plattsburgh State I started out by taking two courses a semester to see if I wanted to go into Communications or not. I found out that after two full years I really did want to go into Communications but I choose to be more specific by majoring in Mass Communications. When I change my major to Mass Communication I took what I had learned thru different Extra-Curricular Activities at Hartwick College and applied it to what I was learning at Plattsburgh State. Below is a listing of the different organizations that I was apart of at Plattsburgh State. Some of them are Extra- Curricular (outside of class) and some were Curricular (class).

Plattsburgh State Television

Unlike some stations, the recording and playback of tapes are done in two different facilities meaning the show is taped in one place but played back in another. This means that you have to have one person in each location. I had the opportunity to work in both. In Master Control it was my responsibility to setup the CCU's, TBC's and other equipment using a waveform and a vectroscope to insure proper NTSC specifications. It was also my job to route and play back video tapes when requested by the director in either Studio A, Studio B or sometimes both. In Distribution (VTR Engineer) it was my responsibility to route the studios or remote location to an open deck, set the record levels from these destinations and insured that the decks were properly recording the signal. It was also my responsibility to watch the show and insure that it meet PSTV specifications (quality control). This wasn't done all at the same time but I would be assigned by a department manager to crew one of these positions.

During the last two semesters, though, I was the producer for Cardinal Basketball, a live to tape remote basketball coverage including two basketball halves, a ten minute pre-game show, a five minute half-time show and a ten minute post-game show. Part of my producing responsibilities included: producing packages, securing permits, securing underwriting, legal issues like obtaining rights to use footage, scheduling crew; scheduling caterings and insuring that all crew members were trained. All segments that were required to be produced and edited for the show including interviews, highlights, breakdowns, player profiles, openings and teasers, I produced and edited using AVID Pro HD offline editing systems while some were edited using cuts only online editing systems.

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