Plattsburgh State University

Beginning in August 2001 till May 2007, Plattsburgh State University was my second College that I went to. At Plattsburgh State I started out by taking two courses a semester to see if I wanted to go into Communications or not. I found out that after two full years I really did want to go into Communications but I choose to be more specific by majoring in Mass Communications. When I change my major to Mass Communication I took what I had learned thru different Extra-Curricular Activities at Hartwick College and applied it to what I was learning at Plattsburgh State. Below is a listing of the different organizations that I was apart of at Plattsburgh State. Some of them are Extra- Curricular (outside of class) and some were Curricular (class).

National Broadcast Society

In Fall 2007, I joined the National Broadcast Society. This is a national organization for students and professionals to pursue a career in media. I was one of about 50 members in our local chapter at Plattsburgh State. We would meet every week to discuss various concerns in media and how we can all succeed in media.

The organization was not a curriculum based organization. This means that if someone from another academic field wanted to join the organization they could. Most members were in Broadcast Journalism, Television/Video Production or Audio/Radio Production. I am still a member of this organization.


When I started at Plattsburgh State I joined WQKE radio and have moved onto several different organizations throughout my Plattsburgh State attendance. I have been an active member in many different organizations over my entire college career and continue to add new organizations throughout my lifetime.

What I have learned at these organizations has been invaluable. I have meet many great people over my lifetime in these organizations. For the future, it will be bright and I will become very successful over my entire career. These organizations have just made me even more robust.

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