NEWS - 10/01/2009 - Passed CompTia A+ Essentials

Thursday, October 1, 2009 - Travis Napolean Smith took and passed CompTia A+ Essentials exam. This is the first part of becoming CompTia A+ Certified.

I am very happy with this and glad I have complete the first part of the exam and passed. I have scheduled the date for the 2nd part of the exam, the CompTia A+ IT Technicians exam, for Thursday November 5, 2009. I am currently getting ready for the second part of this exam. I will find out after the exam if I get my CompTia A+ Certification. This certification will help in getting a technician's position with most computer repair shops. It will also help me get into technician's positions at television stations. I am planning to complete this certification, then get ready for my CompTia Network+ Certification. I plan this to be completed by April or May 2010.

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