NEWS - 02/06/2010 - Protection Layer Completed

Saturday, February 6, 2010 - Travis Napolean Smith has released Tier 3 - Protection Layer for the upcoming One Solution CMS Version 2. With this layer completed their are now only 3 Tiers left for the completion of Version 2 of One Solution CMS.

The road map for Version 2 is releasing Tier 4 - Authentication Layer between February 2010 and early March 2010; Tier 5 - Validation Layer between March 2010 and early April 2010; Tier 6 - Content Layer between April 2010 and early May 2010; Tier 7 - Behavioral Layer and Tier 8 - Presentation Layers are unique for each theme being used. I will have a default theme created and released between May 2010 and early June 2010. In June 2010, One Solution CMS will have all of it's documentations completed and will be released fully to the general public.

For more information about One Solution and it's 8-Tier approach or documentation please visit the One Solution CMS website

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